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Partnerships Update Q4 2023

With our new investment and partnership in place with SEED Venture, we are in further talks with new partners in the pipeline to grow our network to benefit our clients! With new valuation needs growing in the region, we are poised to grow with our network and clients.

To date, the team has worked hard and onboarded with multiple partners in 2023, which has brought benefits to our clients. An overview of the partners:

SURF Startup Royalty Fund (by SEED Ventures) - SURF is a fund that focuses on cashflow businesses that generates sustained returns for investors/shareholders through royalty generation and levered valuation growth.

FinMark (acquired by BILL) - Finmark is a financial modeling tool that makes it easy for startups to build models and forecast their finances without spreadsheets.

Walton Global - Walton is a multi-generation land bank owner who has been developing new communities in North America for decades. With over $3.3 billion AUM in their portfolio and a track record of more than $2 billion distributed to investors.

UpGrad - UpGrad is a pioneer in the online education revolution and is one of the few Integrated LifeLongLearning Tech Companies in the world. Hosts Professional Financial Training from Wharton, Golden Gate University to University of Maryland. Free MasterClass for all | Professional Courses & Free Certified Courses

The team is excited to sign on new partners to unlock new values for our network. We are excited for more updates towards end of Q4!


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