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Fostering Innovation and Growth: SEED Ventures Invests in Corporate Finance firm

Singapore, 10th October 2023, by Prepare Labs #Investments #PrepareLabs #SURF #SEEDVENTURES

Prepare Labs proudly announces a significant investment from SEED Ventures. This pivotal collaboration, stemming from a union of shared passions and ideology, is poised to usher into value unlocking opportunities for ventures in Singapore, Indonesia, and the broader Southeast Asian region.

Background: Prepare Labs is a Corporate Finance firm specializing in valuation, financial modelling, and projections for clients.

With a wealth of experience in investment banking, private equity, management consulting, M&A, and venture capital, the firm is dedicated to providing tailored professional services for the underserved mid-market advisory segment. Committed to understanding business drivers, growth, and exit strategies, Prepare Labs has demonstrated adaptability to market shifts and achieved remarkable success: Creation of over US$100M in value through diverse financing channels, including privateequity, venture capital/debt and government grants.

  • Sustained growth in client acquisition with over 100+ clients to date

Strategic Investment: The substantial investment from SEED Ventures marks a new chapter in unlocking potential and fostering innovation. SEED Ventures, with its vast network and a proven track record of fostering growth in emerging markets, aligns seamlessly with Prepare Labs’ Vision. This collaboration symbolizes a merging of visions, aspirations, and a resolute commitment to nurturing venture builders and realizing entrepreneurial goals. Founder and CEO of SEED Ventures, Ian Gan, shared his excitement about the investment, “Our conversation quickly revealed a convergence of visions and passions. Investing in Prepare Labs is not just a strategic move; it's a commitment to fostering successful ventures and builders, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead” This is in line with the timing of the launch of SURF Fund (Startup Royalty Fund) by SEED Ventures, which actively champions transparent accountability for startups to their investors. Positioned as an innovative fund, SURF strategically invests in cashflow-driven businesses spanning Professional Services, Aesthetics, and F&B sectors. By adopting a unique revenue model, SURF not only garners consistent monthly royalties but also capitalizes on capital gains. Investees within the SURF portfolio don't merely gain financial backing but also access to a reservoir of expertise, strategic connections, and an enriched ecosystem, bolstering their growth trajectory. Vanessa Tanuwijaya, Managing Partner and Founder of Prepare Labs, expressed her enthusiasm, “Receiving this investment from SEED Ventures and SURF is a monumental step forward for Prepare Labs. Together, we are poised to unlock unparalleled opportunities and value, reinforcing our commitment to the aspirations and goals of entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia.” Catalyzing Growth: Backed by SEED Ventures’ extensive resources and network, Prepare Labs is set for expansion in Singapore, Indonesia and regionally. This infusion of capital and partnership underscores a mutual dedication to cultivating a thriving ecosystem and unlocking value. The collaboration amalgamates Prepare Labs’ expertise in financial acumen and management consulting with SEED Ventures’ market insights and growth strategies. SURF supports and expands this vision to drive its portfolio with more businesses, the symbiotic relationship with Prepare Labs further elevates this value proposition. About Prepare Labs: Prepare Labs is a professional services company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in fundraising preparation providing enterprise valuation, financial modelling while integrating insights and bridging the lingo gap between founders and investors, for the underserved mid-market advisory segment in Singapore and Indonesia. Renowned for its adaptability and dynamism, Prepare Labs has made a substantial impact in the market, delivering significant value for its diverse clientele. About SEED Ventures: SEED Ventures is a pioneering venture capital firm, recognized for its extensive network and commitment to propelling growth in new markets. SEED Ventures offers invaluable resources, insights, and strategies, establishing itself as a key player in fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. About SURF (Startup Royalty Fund): SURF, the Startup Royalty Fund, is fund which acts as an investment platform focused on nurturing cashflow-driven businesses in sectors like Professional Services, Aesthetics, and F&B. Merging the benefits of consistent monthly royalties with the potential of capital gains, SURF offers a unique blend of stability and growth for its investors.

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